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Here’s a pic of my current rig for Key Bass gigs (been doing that a lot lately!).

Here’s a pic of my current rig for Key Bass gigs (been doing that a lot lately!).

Here’s a pic of my current rig for Key Bass gigs (been doing that a lot lately!)

Main Keyboard: Kurzweil PC3K- this is a very versatile powerhouse. The best acoustic and electric pianos, an awesome-sounding virtual analog synth, Industry-Standard orchestral sounds, killer B3 organ emulation.

lower keyboard is a very basic battery operated MIDI controller, though I'm now using an M-Audio Axiom 49, in a custom-built (by me) case- keyboard slides out

MacBook running “Trillian” Virtual Bass Instrument- Samples of John Pattituci, Marcus Miller, Abe Laboriel, etc., as well as synth basses- the ultimate in sampled bass.

When not playing left-hand bass, I use a Roland XV-5050 for secondary sounds, and move the smaller keyboard to above the PC3K.

Pedals: Fender Tone/Volume (dual-action!) pedals from the 70’s (though they’ve recently been reissued). I modify them for keyboard use- the vertical axis is for Expression(volume), the lateral does different things on different sounds- brings in strings with piano, activates the leslie on organs, stereo vibrato on Rhodes, etc. I use these on every instrument to add control when my two hands are (always!) busy. For instruments without appropriate pedal inputs, I use MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller boxes (visible on the floor) to send the proper MIDI signals.

Mixer: Alesis MultiMix 6fx- high quality, very compact stereo mixer with great digital effects. I ALWAYS run stereo!

Amplification: I just added a Spacestation SS3 stereo amp to my setup- very cool "Center Point Stereo" amp that gives a huge 3D stereo sound from a single compact cabinet. For larger gigs, I use two QSC K8's; high-fi stereo sound with good coverage. I use a GK microbass bass amp when paying left-hand bass.

Misc.: A lot of my accessories are a little different- I use a DA-Lite projector stand for my keyboard- the legs are individually adjustable for uneven terrain; my stool is customized for a very high, semi-standing position. I use velcro wraps on all my cables, and tape over all writing on the audience side of my keyboards- I like the rig to look as sleek as possible

In this setup, top keyboard is my 49 key MIDI controller, Middle is a Hammond Melodian- breath driven keyboard w/ internal mic. Both on top of an acoustic grand.